Our Process

Step 1 | Connecting with our Team

In order to make an informed decision about updating or renovating your home, you’ll need all the information at your fingertips. Get in touch with our team, whether by phone or email, to receive an estimate and to discover which products best suit your needs. Our extensive knowledge of windows, doors, and garage doors will ensure that you are provided with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Step 2 | Schedule an In-Home Visit

Once you have the information you need, we will arrange an at-home visit to discuss and present all available options. We want you to be confident with your decision and during this time, you’ll be able to go through our brochures and find a product you love. When we understand exactly what you want, we can discover how to turn your dream into a reality.

During the in-home visit, our team will take measurements and note any specific requests. This will allow us to prepare an accurate quote that reflects your personalized requests. When you confirm your choices, we will present you with a quote. This quote will include all costs related to the project, including the required deposit.

Step 3 | A Personalized Quote

Our team will present you with a personalized quote that reflects your specific choices. It will include your style choices with pictures to confirm your selections. The quote will be indicative of your personal choices, rather than a standard generic formula, and will include all costs related to the project. We will discuss all available options for your custom design and once you have approved the costs, all you need to do is sign the contract to get started!

Step 4 | Project Commencement

The decisions have been made and it’s time to get started! Once you sign the contract, which reflects all of your choices, we will move forward on the renovations. We will contact you with an estimated installation date. Closer to the date, we will contact you again to confirm the installation date and time.

Prior to our arrival, we do ask that you remove any objects that could become a hinderance during the installation. Our trained technicians will need unobstructed access to the area. If you need assistance removing objects, or would like to inquire about a particular object, please contact our team ahead of the installation date.

Our team will arrive at your home at the pre-scheduled time, will be easily identifiable, and professional. While our technicians will take every precaution to minimize possible damage to structures surrounding the installation area, Riverview Custom Windows and Doors claims no responsibility should there be any damage during the installation process.

Step 4| The Finishing Touches

Once the product is installed, our team will go one step further. We will perform the filling, sanding, and painting in the installation areas. This will ensure that renovation is complete and requires no additional work from you.

The remaining balance on your account will be due following project completion. We will present you with an envelope, which contains your warranty, the guarantees of all products installed, an installation report, and a copy of your invoice.

Step 5 | Customer Follow-Up

We ask that all our customers complete a survey. This allows us to obtain information regarding the products and services, ensuring that we continue to use quality products and uphold high levels of customer service.